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Leadership and management solutions (LMS) are a leading provider of specialist Environment Health and Safety (EHS) services.

 We specialise in providing a range of practical,high quality,customised

WHS Gap Audits WHS Management System

EHS & Quality solutions to assist you in driving a commitment to workplace safety.

Outsourcing WHS compliance is a realistic and affordable way to ensure you achieve and maintain a culture of safety without the need to hire a full time safety coordinator.

No matter what size your business is we can help you identify exactly what your needs are and develop and implement processes to ensure you are fully compliant with legislation and industry standards letting you focus on getting the job done.

WHS Gap Audits

EHS & Quality Management Plans

WHS Management System

EHS &Quality Management Plans

WHS Site Inspections

WHS Training

Australian Government Building and Construction Accreditation Preparation


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